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        jinxianda biotechnology



        CAS No.: 153233-91-1


        Product name: etoxazole
        Chemical name: Oxazole, 2-(2,6-difluorophenyl)-4-4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-2-ethoxyphenyl-4,5-dihydro-; etoxazole (bsi, pa iso); yi-5301; 2-(2,6-Difluorophenyl)-4-(4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-2-ethoxyphenyl)-4,5-di hydrooxazole; ETOXAZOLE STANDARD; etoxazol; 4-(4-tert-butyl-2-ethoxyphenyl)-2-(2,6-difluorophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazole; Etoxazo
        Chemical formula: C21H23F2NO2
        Structural formula:
        Molecular weight: 359.4
        CAS No.: 153233-91-1,
        Appearance: white crystal powder
        Melting point: 101.5~102.5℃
        Decomposition temperature: 293℃
        Ethoxazole is a new type of special acaricide developed by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Patent No. :EP0639572A1: It kills mites by inhibiting the embryogenesis of mite eggs and the molting process from larval mite to adult mite. It has the function of tactil and gastric toxicity, without endostasis, but it has strong Chemicalbook penetration ability and is resistant to rainwater scouring. The results showed that acetazol was highly lethal to mite eggs and larvae, and did not kill mites, but it could significantly inhibit the hatching rate of female adults, and control mites that had developed resistance to existing acaricides.

        Physical and chemical properties:
        Ethazol is a derivative of diphenyl oxazoline. Ethaminazole pure product has the appearance of white crystal powder, melting point: 101.5~102.5℃; Decomposition temperature 293℃; Vapor pressure (25℃) : 7.0×10-6Pa; N-octanol/water Kowlogp =5.59 (25℃); Solubility (g/L, 20℃) : 7.04×10-5 in water, 309Chemicalbook.4 in acetone, 104.0 in methanol, 251.7 in xylene. The mass fraction of acetaminazole was ≥93%, and its appearance was white block powder. Emetazol 110 g/l suspension is a white opaque liquid. PH6 ~ 8; Suspension rate ≥70%; Wet sieve test (%, 40μm sieve) : 0.08~0.13; Stable under alkaline conditions; Cold and hot storage and stable storage at room temperature for 2 years.

        Effect and features
        1.Inhibit the embryogenesis of mite eggs and the molting process from larval to adult, which is effective for eggs and larval mites but not for adults, but has a good sterility effect on female adults. Therefore, the best control time is the initial stage of mite damage. Strong rain resistance, effective period of up to 50 days. Ethoxazole is mainly used to control a variety of leaf mites. As a tentacidal acaricide, its action mechanism is to inhibit the normal ecdysis process of mites and has oocyticidal activity, so it can effectively control the whole young stage of mites (eggs, young mites and adult mites), and also has sterility effect on female adults.
        2.Advantages: low toxicity, high efficiency, environmental friendly selective acaricide, especially to mite eggs and young weak mites
        3.Control objects: red spider mainly controls apple and citrus, and also has excellent control effect on mites such as tetranychus, eopyroides, panemyroides, tetranychus dichroides, tetranychus cinnabarinus and other mites in crops such as cotton, flowers and vegetables.

        Domestic excellent product formula recommendation

        Effective ingredients Content Dosage form Crops Prevention objects
        Etoxazole 20%,11%,30%,110g/L Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·abamectin 3.5%+1.5% Water emulsion Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·sulphur 55% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·chlorfenapyr 35% Suspending agent Tomato Tetranychus cinnabarinus
        Diafenthiuron·Etoxazole 45% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·pyridaben 10%+30% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·spirodiclofen 8%+24% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·fenpropathrin 10%+10% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·Bifenazate 22% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)
        Etoxazole·spirotetramat 15%+30% Suspending agent Citrus trees red spider (mite)


        Product packaging
        Product packaging

        Product label
        Product label

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