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        jinxianda biotechnology



        CAS No.: 16525270-0


        Dinotefuran, an organic substance, is used primarily as an insecticide.
        Product chemical information:
        Product name: Dinotefuran
        International common name: Dinotefuran,
        CAS No.: 16525270-0
        CPAC No.: 749
        Chemical name: dinotefuran (bsi,pa iso); mti-446; DINOTEFURAN STANDARD; 1-Methyl-2-nitro-3-(tetrahydro-3-furylmethyl)guanidine; 2-methyl-1-nitro-3-(tetrahydrofuran-3-ylmethyl)guanidine; 2-methyl-1-nitro-3-(tetrahydrofuran-2-ylmethyl)guanidine
        Structural formula:
        Category: Pesticides
        Molecular formula: C7H14N4O3
        Relative molecular weight: 202.2
        Physical and chemical properties:
        Melting point: 107.5℃:
        Boiling point: 208℃ decomposition
        Vapor pressure (30℃): <1.7×103mPa;
        Octanol/water partition coefficient: KowlogP=-0.549(25℃);
        Density: 140:
        Henry's constant: 8.7×10-9Pam3mo。
        Solubility (g/L,25℃): Water 39.8: Hexane 9.0×10-6, heptane 11×10-6, xylene 72×10-3, toluene 150×10-3, dichloromethane 11, acetone 58, methanol 57, ethanol 19, ethyl acetate 5.2. Stability: Stable at 150℃, hydrolyzed DTS > for 1 year (pH4.0, pH7.0 and pH9.0); The photolysis DT50 in water was 3.8h

        Product characteristics
        Advantages: the only nicotinic insecticide containing tetrahydrofuran ring has excellent control effect on the puncture and suction mouth pests. It not only has the activities of tentacling, gastric toxicity and root inhalation, but also has the characteristics of strong endosperm, low dosage, good quick effect, high activity, long lasting effect, wide insecticidal spectrum and so on
        Main crops and control targets: In rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, cotton, tobacco and other crops, mainly used for the prevention and control of various plant hopper, bugs, mealworms, leafhoppers, leaf flies, thrips, jump,  aphids and leaf moth, small peach budworm, rice borers, plutella xylostella, caterpillar, etc., and the white mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, housefly, mosquitoes and other health pests.

        Patent Overview
        Compound patents at home and abroad
        (1)Domestic compound patent
        Patent number: CN1099418C;
        Patent name: (tetrahydro3-furanyl) methylamine;
        Application date: 1994-10-26
        The patentee: Mitsui Chemical Co
        (2)Patent of foreign compounds
        Patent number: EP649845A1;
        Patent name: Furanyl insecticide;
        Application date: 1994-10-26:
        The patentee: Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals InC

        Domestic and overseas market overview
        Overseas market: The average annual growth rate for the five years from 2004 to 2009 was 20.8%. In 2005, the product entered South Korea and the United States, and in 2008, it was listed in the European Union. The average annual value of dinotefuran in the Japanese market reached 110 million USD in 2011 and 2012.
        Domestic market: This product is not used for a long time in China, is currently under the "crazy" registration period. At home, its use area will gradually expand, the future will appear the market competition is white hot! In 2016, Hubei Plant Protection Station will focus on promoting pesticide and medical device varieties.

        International agrochemical company in the foreign registration of excellent product formula recommendation

        Country Active ingredients and content Dosage form Control object Registered company
        U.S. 0.96%, 20.0% Dinotefuran soluble concentrate Moths, thrips, borers, sticky worms and other pests Mitsui
        chemicals agro, inc.
        20.0% Dinotefuran missible oil It is used to control mosquito, ant, moth and crickets on ornamental plants, houses and building materials.
        0.50% Dinotefuran granules Cockroaches, houseflies Valent biosciences
        70.0% Dinotefuran missible oil Used to control leafminer flies, beetles, whitefly, aphids, etc. on fruits and vegetables Valent u.s. a.
        Japan 0.01% Dinotefuran fluid Bemisia tabaci, aphids, thrips, melon leaf nail, mealworms, stink bug, beetles and other pests on pepper, eggplant, tomato and other cigars, melons and squash, radishes and cabbage and other cruciferous leaf vegetables, peas and other beans and purple sunflower MITSUI CHEMICALS
        0.3% ethofenprox
        +0.5% Dinotefuran
        powder Rice planthopper, stink bug, locust, rice borers
        0.01% Dinotefuran
        +0.01% penthiopyrad
        wettable powder Eggplant, tomato, cherry tomato, green pepper, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, green onion, rose (ornamental flowers, plants) powdery mildew, leaf mildew, scab, aphids, mealworms, thrips, aphids, leaf wasp, etc
        1% Dinotefuran
        +4% benfuracarb
        granules Leaf roller, rice water weevils OATアグリオ Co., Ltd.
        4% metominostrobin
        +1.67% Dinotefuran
        granules Rice blast, ear blight, smut, rice black tail leafhopper, planthopper, stink bug, etc Beixing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
        4% Dinotefuran
        +48% probenazole
        wettable powder Rice planthopper, rice water weevil, rice blast disease
        12% rabicide
        +5% Dinotefuran
        wettable powder Rice blast, lychee bug, rice planthopper, black - tailed leafhopper
        5% Dinotefuran
        +20% thiophanate-methyl
        wettable powder Rice blast, sheath blight, smut, rice planthopper, stink bug, black tail leafhopper and other diseases and insect pests Beixing Chemical Co., Ltd.
        4% Chlorantraniliprole
        +15% Dinotefuran
        wettable powder Insect insects such as aphids, rapeseed beetles, twill moth, diamondback moth, thrips, borers, sticky worms and so on Mitsui Chemical Agro Co. Ltd
        7% ethofenprox +3% dinotefuran wettable powder Rice planthopper, rice thrips, black tailed leafhoppers, rice leaf roller, stink bug
        9% Dinotefuran+18% buprofezin wettable powder Rice planthoppers, black-tailed leafhoppers, stink bugs Japan Pesticide Corporation


        The first registration information of domestic active drugs and preparations and the current pneumatic product registration situation analysis

        Active drug (master drug)
        The registration number Active ingredients Content Dosage form Control object Production enterprise
        PD2016353  Dinotefuran 99.10% Active drug - Mitsui Chemical Agro Co. Ltd
        Single preparation
        The registration number Active ingredients Content Dosage form Control object Production enterprise
        PD20160354  Dinotefuran 20% Soluble granule Rice borer, planthopper, cucumber (protected area) thrips, white whitefly Mitsui Chemical Agro Co. Ltd


        Active ingredients Content Dosage form Crops Prevention objects
         Dinotefuran·ethofenprox 9%+18% suspending agent paddy plant hopper
         Dinotefuran·imidacloprid 5%+30% suspending agent cowpeas thrips
         Dinotefuran·buprofezin 5%+25% suspending agent Citrus trees Scale insect
         Dinotefuran·isoprocarb 4%+20% suspending agent paddy Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·indoxacarb 10%+10% suspending agent Peach trees peach fruit moth
         Dinotefuran·pyridyne 5%+10% suspending agent Citrus trees Scale insects
         Dinotefuran·dimehypo 0.1%+0.3% granules paddy Chilo suppressalis/Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·pyridaben 40%+20% water dispersible granule cabbage Phyllotreta vittata Fabricius
         Dinotefuran·thiamethoxam 5%+15% water dispersible granule paddy Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·pymetrozine 10%+40% water dispersible granule paddy Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·monosultap 20%+60% water dispersible granule paddy Chilo suppressalis/Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·fludioxonil 7.5%+2.5% seed treatmentsuspending agent paddy Bakanae disease/plant hopper
         Dinotefuran·tebuconazole 14.7%+0.3% seed treatmentsuspending agent wheat Scatter smut/aphid
         Dinotefuran·bifenthrin 0.4%+0.5% granules cabbage Phyllotreta vittata Fabricius
         Dinotefuran·spirotetramat 10%+10% suspending agent Citrus trees Scale insects
         Dinotefuran·Tolfenpyrad 24%+40% water dispersible granule paddy thrips
         Dinotefuran·nitenpyram 15%+45% water dispersible granule paddy Rice planthopper
         Dinotefuran·Thifluzamide 7.5%+7.5% seed treatmen tdispersible powder wheat Sheath blight/aphids
         Dinotefuran·flonicamid 10%+2% Dispersible oil suspending agent cucumber aphids
         Dinotefuran·Beta-cyhalothrin 16%+8% water dispersible granule cucumber whitefly


        Product packaging
        Product packaging

        Product label
        Product label

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