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        jinxianda biotechnology

        Diethyl carbonate

        Diethyl carbonate

        CAS No.: 105-58-8


        English name: Diethyl carbonate
        Molecular formula: C5H10O3 
        Molecular weight: 118.13
        CAS No.: 105-58-8
        Molecular stucture:
        Ethyl Methyl Carbonate
        Physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent liquid, with strong hygroscopic, density: 0.97g/cm3(25℃), boiling point: 126.8℃, melting point: -43℃, viscosity: 0.75 mpa.s, insoluble in water, dissolved in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.
        Function: mainly used in the configuration of lithium ion battery electrolyte, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical synthesis intermediates, also used as resin, oil, nitrocellulose, cellulose ether and special spices and other solvents.