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        jinxianda biotechnology



        CAS No.: 1194-65-6


        Product specification: ≥99%
        English name: 2,6-Dichlorobenzonitrile
        Molecular formula: C7H3Cl2N
        Molecular weight: 172.011
        CAS No.: 1194-65-6
        Physical and chemical properties:White amorphous crystal, melting point 144-145℃, boiling point 270℃, 25℃ water solubility 25ppm, 20℃ water solubility 18ppm. 20℃ vapor pressure 0.4×10-6kPa, slightly aromatic smell.
        To use: It is the intermediate of a variety of herbicides and insecticides. It is used in the production of more than 10 kinds of pesticides, such as crocolone, dibulimuron and fluorocarbamide. It is also used in dyes, plastics and so on.