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        jinxianda biotechnology



        CAS No.: 623-03-0


        Product specification: ≥99%
        English name: 4-chlorobenzonitrile
        Molecular formula: C7H4NCl
        Molecular weight: 137.57
        CAS No.: 623-03-0
        Physical and chemical properties: Appearance is flaky reddish or white solid. Melting point :90-93°C(lit.), Boiling point :223°C(lit.), Density: 1.23g/cm, Flash point: 86.2°C, Solubility: Insoluble, Vapor pressure: 0.0986mmHg at 25°C
        To use: Organic intermediates, widely used in medicine, dyes; The liquid crystal monomer was synthesized by suzuki coupling of pyrrole and pyrrodone (DPP) with aryl boric acid.